About Us

About Us

We are sisters who have the same passion… parties! Being an event planner doesn’t only mean planning the event, it means we get to put a smile on people’s faces. Our amazing clients all have different interests and unique personalities but they also have one thing in common… they love to celebrate in style!


If you are looking for customized invitation cards, gifts, greeting cards, party favors, gift baskets, guestbooks, or a even a whole party to be planned then you’re in the right place. Here are some of the many occasions we can throw or help you out with:

Anniversary parties
Baby boy showers
Baby girl showers
Back to school parties
Bridal showers
Brunch gatherings
College graduation parties
Company parties
Eid parties
Fathers day parties
Get well soon parties
Goodbye parties
Grand openings
Grown up birthday parties
Hajj parties
Halloween parties
High school graduation parties
Housewarming parties
Kids birthday parties
Kindergarten graduation parties
Mothers day parties
Movie night parties
New years parties
Ramadan parties
School occasions
Slumber parties
Sports/ team parties
Summer parties
Surprise parties
Thank you parties
Welcoming parties

and much more!

Don’t forget that these are some of the occasions, and for each occasion we have endless themes!
Please check the Contact Us section for more details.

Copyrights and Terms of Use

If we used someone’s idea, recipe, or photo, we will always share the original link in our post.

Using our original pictures or ideas from this blog:

We love sharing our ideas with others, but this doesn’t mean that you could copy our designs or share the picture on your page as if it is your own work. If you want to share a picture of ours, please give proper credit where credit is due. All of the pictures on this blog are taken by either me or my sisters (unless stated otherwise), so please if you use any of the images you must add a link back to our blog and do not make any changes in any way (such as cropping, removing the watermark, changing the colors, adding your watermark to the image, etc.).  This also includes any pictures on our blog, Facebook page, Instagram account, or Pinterest; you must give us credit by adding a link back to our website. Our designs and work cannot be copied, reproduced, or used to make other work. Our ideas and designs are not intended for resale or redistribution.

Please email us at [email protected] or fill out our form on our “contact us” page if you have any questions.

Using our recipe cards:

All of the recipe cards that we made are for personal use only. They are not for commercial use, and you can’t print copies and sell them. If you use them, the watermarks must stay and credit should be given to our website.