A Rubber Ducky Themed First Birthday

What our client had to say about this party:

“Making Samir’s 1st Birthday Party a special one is something I was thinking of and looking for even before he was born, and this is how it ended up being. I have to say how beautiful, special, fun, and most importantly memorable the party was to me and to everyone who attended. I am very happy with the work that was done by Time2partay, and will be very glad to cooperate with them in any future occasion.” -Reem



One thought on “A Rubber Ducky Themed First Birthday

  1. Hi! Omg I LOVE the photobooth idea with the background like that. And especially that the bubbles are pictures of the birthday boy. I’m very interested in doing this for my sons 1st birthday since it’s the same theme. Could you please email me with pricing? Thank you 🙂

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