Ramadan Acts of Kindness {Free Printables}

Ramadan Mubarak to all of our Muslim friends and family! We hope this blessed month will be filled with generosity, forgiveness, happiness, good deeds, and peace for everyone. For this Ramadan, we decided to share a fun and meaningful activity that people of all ages will enjoy. We added 30 random acts of kindness that are Ramadan related (#RamadanAOK). Ramadan is the perfect time to show kindness, help others, and brighten someone’s day. Download the free printables we added below and encourage your friends and family to join the fun! You can find the checklist and cards below. The checklist is available in English and -with a lot of help from my very sweet friend-  in Arabic too!

All you have to do is:

  • Download the free printables.
  • Print both the “Ramadan Acts of Kindness” and the “Ramadan Acts of Kindness Cards” files on  A4 paper size.
  • Cut out 30  “Ramadan Acts of  Kindness Cards”.
  • Choose a Ramadan act of kindness to do each day.
  • To inspire others to show kindness during Ramadan, take a picture of the random act (including the card) and upload it to either your Facebook / Instagram account with the hashtag #RamadanAOK . This will inspire them to take part in this activity and will show others that there are kind people in this world.
  • If you’re doing these activities with your kids, encourage them by giving them a special gift during the Eid.
  • Share this link with your family and friends!


These printables are for personal use only.

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