A Surprise 30th Birthday

I never thought I would be the one standing behind a beautiful dessert table blowing out the candles. I’m so lucky to have such a sweet sister who knows exactly what I like, and she did an amazing job preparing everything from the decorations to the thoughtful slideshow. My talented aunt decorated the delicious cake by Vanilla and took amazing pictures that captured every moment. I’m not sure how my husband was able to take some of my items and leave me clueless, he really knows how to surprise me every year. I still can’t believe my family was able to pull this off and so many people were able to keep this a secret! I wouldn’t have wanted to celebrate my 30th birthday any other way. Dancing, delicious sweets, fun activities, beautiful decorations, and taking a million pictures with the people I love… simply perfect. Thank you for making this day extra special (and for reminding me that I’m no longer in my 20s). I love you guys!