A Fall Themed Birthday Dinner

How do I keep my sister’s expectations really low when I’ve been throwing parties for her for so many years you ask? First: I lie. Second: I avoid her for at least a month. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s definitely worth it when I see a smile on her face. Nisreen, don’t ever forget that I love you little sis and I promise I will always do anything for you to be happy, even if that means I have to… I’ll just stop there. Need to keep your expectations low!

For this year, I chose a cozy seasonal theme using colors she loves. Seeing her wearing the same colors of the party made me wonder if she knew what I was up to! I decorated a table at a cozy restaurant using flowers, corn kernels, candles, a table runner, and a mini birthday banner. I had a cute headband ready for her to wear during her birthday dinner. Each guest got to take home a vanilla scented candle I decorated to match the theme.

The activities we played were simple and fun. The first activity was the “find the difference” game. I designed papers and decorated pens for each guest to use. The winner got to take home a prize, which was a fancy vanilla scented fragrance diffuser. We played a video I made with the help of all of Nisreen’s close friends and family. Did she shed a couple of happy tears? Yes, yes she did! Another activity was the “memory game”, where she had to guess who said the embarrassing or funny memory. Thank you to everyone helped make this surprise simply perfect! Happy birthday to my sister, my friend, Nisreen!