An Inside Out Themed 8th Birthday

An “Inside Out” movie theme was the perfect theme for Yara’s 8th birthday party. She brings so much happiness and “joy” into our lives, and it’s simply one of her favorite movies (one of ours too). This birthday girl just moved to a new school which is similar to the life of the main character in this movie, Riley, a girl who moves to a new neighborhood and experiences different emotions throughout her new journey. If you still haven’t seen this movie, then your definitely missing out!

The colors we chose for this party were based on the five emotion characters in the movie- red (Anger), purple (Fear), yellow (Joy), blue (Sadness), and green (Disgust). We decorated a main table by adding a purple table cover, a background we designed to match the theme, yellow balloons, and a birthday banner. The sweets at this party were our homemade Oreo Cupcakes with toppers, sugar cookies, and a delicious cake by Sukkar Cakes. We also added popcorn with “memory orb” M&M’s in blue popcorn boxes. Each kid got to wear a birthday hat we made. The favors were Bing Bong’s candy tears in clear boxes with labels. The guests loved taking pictures using the frame prop and enjoyed the simple and fun game we played in the end. We had all the kids sit in a circle, and whoever was holding the emotion character when the music stopped had to stand up and show us the same emotions as the character. Happy 8th birthday to the sweetest Yara!

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