A Bake Shop Birthday Party

Bake Shop BirthdayThis bake shop birthday party was inspired by the sweet birthday girl’s obsession with cooking shows, baking, decorating, and my cupcakes! We chose some of her favorite colors as part of the theme. Her friends had a great time at the party and were so excited to eat their frosting filled masterpieces! We had a rolling pin, sprinkles, cookie cutters, cookie dough, a baking mat, frosting, and flour ready next to each chef’s “station”. We also made aprons and chef hats for each chef to wear during the party and to take home as part of the favors. Each chef also took home a pretty pink bag and filled it with the cookies and cupcakes they baked and decorated. Happy 9th birthday to the sweetest birthday girl, Chef Mennah!Bake Shop Birthday_2Bake Shop Birthday_2a Bake Shop Birthday_3Thanks Sukkar Cakes for this sweet and detailed cake!
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