A Modern BaBee Shower

A BaBEE ShowerHave you heard the latest buzz? We just threw this modern ba”bee” shower to honor a sweet mommy-to-“bee”! We chose bright and bold colors such as yellow, white, black, and different shades of pink. This theme could also work as a gender neutral ba”bee” shower. The striped pattern, candles, and flowers added a modern touch to the theme. The babee shower activities, such as the “name that poop” game, had the guests laughing for hours! Check out the pictures below for more bee-utiful details. Congratulations Hanin, your baby girl is lucky to soon “bee” a part of your sweet family of three!Hanins_Babee_Shower_2The invitation we designed for the ba-bee shower.Hanins_Babee_Shower_3The dessert table was simple and modern. The bee-utiful cake and sweet mini eclairs were by Sukkar Cakes. We made some popcorn boxes and added pink almond candy to the table. We also added candles, lanterns, flowers, and a “mommy-to-bee” banner as part of the table decorations. The pictures of the expecting couple and the babee ultrasound completed the sweet theme. We added some simple  white onesies and a striped fabric as part of the background.Hanins_Babee_Shower_4 Hanins_Babee_Shower_5 Hanins_Babee_Shower_6 Hanins_Babee_Shower_7 Hanins_Babee_Shower_8 Hanins_Babee_Shower_9 Hanins_Babee_Shower_10 Hanins_Babee_Shower_11 Hanins_Babee_Shower_12 Hanins_Babee_Shower_13 Hanins_Babee_Shower_14 Hanins_Babee_Shower_15 Hanins_Babee_Shower_16 Hanins_Babee_Shower_17 Hanins_Babee_Shower_18 Hanins_Babee_Shower_19 Hanins_Babee_Shower_20 Hanins_Babee_Shower_21 Hanins_Babee_Shower_22 Hanins_Babee_Shower_23 Hanins_Babee_Shower_24We decorated the guest table by adding striped mats and yellow flowers centerpieces. We also added candles and lanterns  to the table.
Hanins_Babee_Shower_25 Hanins_Babee_Shower_26 Hanins_Babee_Shower_27 Hanins_Babee_Shower_28 Hanins_Babee_Shower_29The activities and favors table.Hanins_Babee_Shower_30 Hanins_Babee_Shower_31 Hanins_Babee_Shower_32 Hanins_Babee_Shower_33 Hanins_Babee_Shower_34We made these ribbon pin corsages for the mommy-to-bee, aunts-to-bee, and grandmas-to-bee.Hanins_Babee_Shower_35 Hanins_Babee_Shower_36 Hanins_Babee_Shower_37 Hanins_Babee_Shower_38 Hanins_Babee_Shower_39 Hanins_Babee_Shower_40 Hanins_Babee_Shower_41 Hanins_Babee_Shower_42 Hanins_Babee_Shower_43 Hanins_Babee_Shower_44 Hanins_Babee_Shower_45 Hanins_Babee_Shower_46The prizes were these sweet yellow flower cookies wrapped in brown bags.
Hanins_Babee_Shower_47Each guest got to take home one of these sweet favors. We designed these chocolate labels and wrapped them with a sweet message.Hanins_Babee_Shower_48 Hanins_Babee_Shower_49 Hanins_Babee_Shower_50 Hanins_Babee_Shower_51 Hanins_Babee_Shower_52We made this diaper cake and added it to the gifts table.Hanins_Babee_Shower_54 Hanins_Babee_Shower_55 Hanins_Babee_Shower_56 Hanins_Babee_Shower_57 Hanins_Babee_Shower_58