A Mint to Be Bridal Shower

Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_01I love mint green. I  love gold. I love sequins. I love love love this bridal shower! The sweet bride-to-be loves these colors too and we had a great time planning the details. I made sure everything was simple, detailed, and eye-catching. We designed a pattern to match the details of the party. We also added some vintage suitcases since the bride is traveling after her wedding. We filled one of the suitcases with beautiful fresh flowers, and another suitcase with the favor boxes. We added some of our homemade cupcakes and chocolate pretzel sticks to the dessert table, a beautiful cake by Sukkar Cakes, and some sweets that were provided by the hotel. Check out the pictures below for more details of the activities table, invitation that we designed , photo booth, and dessert table. Congratulations Samar!

Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_02 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_03 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_04 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_05 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_06 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_07 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_08 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_09 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_10 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_11 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_12 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_13 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_14 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_15 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_16 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_17 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_18 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_19 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_20 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_21 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_22 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_23 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_24 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_25 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_26 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_27 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_28 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_29 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_30 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_31d

Photo By: Studio Tareq

Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_32 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_33 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_34 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_35 Mint_To_Be_Bridal_Shower_36Mint to Be Bridal Shower

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