Lara’s Berry Sweet Bridal Shower

I know it’s been forever since my last post, but we’ve been working on a few sweet updates and I can’t wait to share them with you all! May has been one crazy month, and I tried to not post anything until we finish all of the updates. I obviously couldn’t do that, I just had to share this berry sweet bridal shower we threw for a berry sweet bride-to-be! We made a sweet combination by using different types of berries, beautiful berry colors, black and white stripes, a chalkboard print, and flowers. All of the details were sweet, fresh, spring related, and beautiful. Check out the pictures below for more details of the dessert table, activities table, guest book alternative, invitation, favors, and so much more! Congratulations to the berry sweet bride Lara!

Laras_Bridal_Shower_02 Laras_Bridal_Shower_03 Laras_Bridal_Shower_04 Laras_Bridal_Shower_05 Laras_Bridal_Shower_06 Laras_Bridal_Shower_07 Laras_Bridal_Shower_08 Laras_Bridal_Shower_09 Laras_Bridal_Shower_10 Laras_Bridal_Shower_11 Laras_Bridal_Shower_12 Laras_Bridal_Shower_13 Laras_Bridal_Shower_14 Laras_Bridal_Shower_15 Laras_Bridal_Shower_16 Laras_Bridal_Shower_17 Laras_Bridal_Shower_18 Laras_Bridal_Shower_19 Laras_Bridal_Shower_20 Laras_Bridal_Shower_21 Laras_Bridal_Shower_22 Laras_Bridal_Shower_23 Laras_Bridal_Shower_24 Laras_Bridal_Shower_25 Laras_Bridal_Shower_26 Laras_Bridal_Shower_27 Laras_Bridal_Shower_28 Laras_Bridal_Shower_29 Laras_Bridal_Shower_30 Laras_Bridal_Shower_31 Laras_Bridal_Shower_32 Laras_Bridal_Shower_33 Laras_Bridal_Shower_34 Laras_Bridal_Shower_35 Laras_Bridal_Shower_36 Laras_Bridal_Shower_37 Laras_Bridal_Shower_38 Laras_Bridal_Shower_39 Laras_Bridal_Shower_40 Laras_Bridal_Shower_41 Laras_Bridal_Shower_42 Laras_Bridal_Shower_43 Laras_Bridal_Shower_44 Laras_Bridal_Shower_45 Laras_Bridal_Shower_46 Laras_Bridal_Shower_47 Laras_Bridal_Shower_48 Laras_Bridal_Shower_49 Laras_Bridal_Shower_50 Laras_Bridal_Shower_51 Laras_Bridal_Shower_52 Laras_Bridal_Shower_54 Laras_Bridal_Shower_53 Laras_Bridal_Shower_55 Laras_Bridal_Shower_56



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