Snow Princess (Baby Girl) Chocolate Basket

Chocolate baskets are cute and sweet favors for any newborn. This could also work as a special gift for the parents of a newborn. We made this winter themed basket for a baby girl, a snow princess. The colors we used were hot pink, light pink, white, and silver. We made different baby girl themed chocolate lollipops and added them to a basket filled with “snow” and “snowflakes”. Congratulations on your baby girl, Lilia!
We made chocolate lollipops shaped as baby onesies, bottles, princess crowns, snowflakes, and the word “baby”.
Chocolate lollipop shaped as a onesie.
Chocolate lollipops shaped as princess crowns.
Chocolate lollipop shaped as the word “Baby”.
Chocolate lollipops shaped as snowflakes.
Chocolate lollipop shaped as a baby bottle.