Cookie Monster Themed 1st Birthday

A Cookie Monster themed party is one of my favorite themes for a first birthday. Any sweet birthday boy deserves a party that’s filled with so much sweetness! This birthday party was so much fun to plan and set up. The main colors we used were different shades of blue, brown, beige, and white. We added many different types of cookies to the fun dessert table. This theme could also work for a baby shower or even a girl’s birthday. Check out the pictures below for more details of the dessert table, photo booth, and invitations. Happy 1st birthday to the cutest Cookie Monster, Suhail!
This is the invitation we designed for this birthday party.
The dessert table. We added many different types of cookies that any cute little Cookie Monster would love to eat. Some other sweets we added to the table were our homemade cupcakes with personalized toppers, chocolate milk in in decorated cups, chocolate lollipops, chocolate covered pretzel sticks, and a beautiful cake by Sukkar Cakes. The table wouldn’t be complete without some decorations, such as the centerpieces and personalized banner.
The birthday boy is ready to partay!
We designed this cookie banner to match the theme.
We designed this Cookie Monster centerpiece and filled the cookie jar with chocolate chips. We also added a label next to each type of sweet on the table, such as this label next to our homemade chocolate lollipops.
We made these chocolate lollipops and wrapped them with personalized labels.
Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks.
We added this adorable cake by Sukkar Cakes and our homemade cupcakes with personalized toppers.
Our homemade Oreo cupcakes with toppers that we designed to match the theme.
This adorable Cookie Monster cake by Sukkar Cakes was perfect for this party. Thank you so much!
Me want cookie! Who wouldn’t want to eat some cookies after seeing all of these delicious options! We added some store-bought cookies and our homemade Cookie Monster sugar cookies to the table. Each type of cookie was displayed in a glass cookie jar and had a label next it.
Our homemade cookies shaped as Cookie Monsters, the number one, and the first letter of the birthday boy’s name.
C is for cookie!
We designed these labels and added them to the clear plastic cups with lids.
We made this special birthday hat for the birthday boy to wear during the party.
Isn’t he adorable?
These are the birthday hats we made for the kids to wear during the party.
The photo booth backdrop. We added cookie shaped pictures of the birthday boy and ribbon to match the striped theme.
Who wouldn’t want to take a picture with the cutest Cookie Monster!?
We hung these lanterns around the hall. I’m in love with this color combination!