Masa’s Frozen Inspired Winter ONEderland

Winter is still around so why not throw some more winter themed parties?! This party was so detailed even the weather decided to join in! We had to postpone it for a couple of days till the snow was all gone, but it was definitely worth the wait. This adorable birthday girl’s parents wanted their daughter’s first birthday to be special and memorable. A winter “one”derland is a perfect theme for a first birthday during this beautiful season. We added many winter inspired sweets to the dessert table such as our homemade cookies and cupcakes. We also added some pictures of the birthday girl as part of the different backdrops that I designed for the party. Pictures are one of my favorite details to add to a child’s first birthday. The guests enjoy looking back at the great memories and talking about how fast time flies by! The colors I used for this party were silver, white, blue, and some purple. Since some of you were not able to make it to this adorable snowflake’s birthday, I’ve invited you (yes, you) to check out the sweet pictures below. Don’t forget to also check out your invitation! Happy first birthday Masa!
The digital invitation we designed for this birthday party.
The winter themed dessert table. We made a tulle table skirt and added it to this table.
The delicious winter inspired sweets.
This Frozen inspired winter themed cake was done by Sukkar Cakes. The guests loved how beautiful and delicious it was. Thank you!
The birthday girl’s mom added these Frozen characters to the cake.
We made these matching floral headbands for the birthday girl and her mom to wear.
Our homemade cookies shaped as cute snowmen and snowflakes.
Our homemade cookies shaped as the letter “M” and snowflakes.
We added the birthday girl’s name to the table.
We made some snowflake chocolate covered Oreos. All of the sweets had a label that we designed for this party next to it.
We added a picture of the birthday girl as part of the dessert table decorations.
We designed these “melted snowman” drink labels and added them to water bottles. We also made these popcorn boxes decorated with snowflakes.
Our homemade snowflake cupcakes with customized toppers.
Aren’t these wrappers too cute? We made some chocolate covered marshmallows and added a topper and wrapper to each one.
Our homemade chocolate lollipops and chocolate dipped pretzels.
It’s time to wish Masa a very happy birthday!
Masa just couldn’t keep her eyes off the table!
Olaf sure knows how to put a smile on Masa’s face!
We added the favors and birthday hats to this table.
We organized these balloons and placed them behind the favors table.
We made this winter inspired canvas and added beautiful lights to it.
We made these snowflake birthday hats for the kids to wear during the party.
These are the two different types of favors that we made for this party. Some boxes were filled with white chocolate and some with candles. I’ll take one of each please!
Each box came with a label that we designed.
The snowflake photo booth.The adorable birthday girl loved taking pictures with her parents and all of the guests.
We added different snowflake pictures to the photo booth.
We made some different winter themed props such as a snowman nose, hat, gloves, mugs, and snowflake wands.
Masa’s creative mom made this number 1 prop and we added it as part of the decorations.
We made these Elsa inspired wands as photo props.
Happy 1st birthday Masa! Thank you “snow” much for letting us help out!

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