Yazan’s {Surprise} Bowling Themed Birthday Party

I really did try to just let this birthday pass and just give him the pictures of his previous birthday as a gift, but I couldn’t. This man deserves to be celebrated every day. This is the least I could do for someone that supports me in everything I do. This year I decided to throw him a bowling themed surprise birthday party. We used the colors blue, black, white, and red. The location was just perfect, the guests were amazing, and he had a great time. We really didn’t feel the time pass by. We threw the party at the Quattro Club. Each guest got to play a game of bowling, and the winner won a picture with the birthday boy and a small prize. Some of the bowling skills on show were very good and it looked as though some people had been on a website like https://skilledbowlers.com prior to attending in order to refine their skills. Everything on the main table was related to bowling, such as bowling balls, pins, and shirts. We also added an autograph bowling pin. No party is complete without a photo booth; the thought bubbles were so much fun to take pictures with. Check out the pictures below to see more details. Happy birthday to my one and only Yazan. You’re the best and deserve nothing but the best.
This is the main table and activities table we decorated.
We designed this vintage bowling themed background and used it as the photo booth background too.
What an amazing cake! Thanks Sukkar Cakes for another delicious and beautiful cake.
Happy birthday Yazan!
Our homemade cupcakes with the bowling themed toppers that we designed.
Delicious bowling themed chocolate balls made by Sukkar Cakes.
I also added white chocolate balls and milk chocolate balls in mini bowls and added a red ribbon to look like a bowling pin.
Our homemade cookies shaped as bowling balls.
Our homemade cookies shaped as bowling shirts.
I added some pictures of Yazan bowling around the main table.
These are the bowling themed favors we made for the guests to take home. We decorated the jar to look like a bowling pin, and added white chocolate balls in each. We also designed and added a label to each favor.
Each label said “Thanks for ‘Sparing’ the time to come to Yazan’s birthday party”.
We designed and added a bowling themed label to our homemade chocolate lollipops.
Bowling time!
The activities table.
We added the photo booth props, gifts, and “guest book” to this table.
We made this bowling pin as the “guest book” for the guests to write a special message on.
One of the gifts was this poster, and every one wrote a message on it too.
Some of the many gifts. We wrapped these to match the bowling pin.
Our handmade photo booth props. We designed these thought bubble to match the theme and occasion.
We just couldn’t stop taking pictures! These props were a hit.
Thanks every one for coming! The party wouldn’t have been complete without you all!
The bowling champ was lucky enough to take a picture with the “birthday boy” and take home a small prize.
The invitation that we designed and sent to the guests.
Happy Birthday Yazan!

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  1. Hi this is all so perfect for what I am looking to do for my boyfriends 40th surprise party!! How did you make the banner, printables for the cupcakes, and photobooth signs? You did an amazing job!

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