Israa’s Parisian {Surprise} Bridal Shower

Since we couldn’t take all of the guests to Paris, we just had to bring a little bit of Paris to them. This is what happens when a lucky bride-to-be has such great and caring friends and family. This bridal shower was a surprise, and Israa’s reaction was priceless. A Parisian themed bridal shower was just perfect for the bride-to-be since she loves to travel, and there’s no better place to be during your bridal shower than the city of love. She loves the color blue, so we just had to add it into the theme. We also added the color purple, pink, and white. We also designed a background for the dessert table using many pictures of the sweet couple and love poems from the groom to the bride. Everything – from the floral handmade headband to the nail polish favors – was simply très chic. Check out the pictures below for more details of the dessert table, decorations, activities, and favors. Congratulations to the bride-to-be Israa!
We designed this digital invitation for this bridal shower.
The dessert table. We wanted this table to be classy, fun, and personalized. We designed the background using pictures of the couple and a couple of love “poems” from the groom to the bride.
The cake and cupcakes that we added to the dessert table. Thanks once again to Sukkar Cakes for always making the perfect cakes. The Parisian themed parties that we throw would never be complete without your cakes.
Our homemade cupcakes with the personalized toppers that we designed for this party.
The bride loved her cake! Thanks Sukkar Cakes!
Isn’t the table cover so très chic?
We also added some details to the poster such as the wedding date.
We added two of our handmade flowers to the dessert table.
We just had to add some French inspired sweets. These delicious fruit tartlets and mini éclairs were made by Sukkar Cakes.
We designed this Eiffel Tower and decorated it with pearls. No Parisian themed party is complete without an Eiffel Tower!
Our handmade floral headband for the bride-to-be to wear. We designed it using the theme colors.
The activities and favors table.
We made this “Love Lock Bridge” and used it as a guest book alternative. This is of course inspired by the Love Lock Bridge in Paris. Each guest wrote a special message on a paper padlock, and then tied it to the bridge.
The instructions frame we designed for the “Love Locks Bridge” frame.
The paper padlocks that the guests wrote on and tied to the fence.
We also made a couple of ribbon wands for the guests to wave when the bride-to-be entered the hall.
Another activity played during this bridal shower was the necklace game.
These are the Parisian Bridal Shower inspired favors that were given to each guest at the end of the party.
One of the favors was our homemade chocolate lollipops shaped as either an Eiffel Tower or a wedding cake.
The second favor option was either a pink, blue, or purple personalized nail polish that we decorated to fit the bridal shower theme.
We hung paper lanterns all around the dance floor.
The dance floor was near the dessert table and the photo booth.
We love photo booths. You can never really take enough pictures at a party. We wanted this photo booth to be classy and fun. We added a sequins purple background and many different props. The frame prop that we designed for this party was a hit.
We made these flower centerpieces and added candles all around it. Each vase was filled with pearls.
These were the chocolate bouquets that we made for the guests that won the necklace game and the toilet paper wedding gown. You could check out our previous bridal showers here for pictures of this game!

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