Jana’s Native American Themed Birthday Party

I’m in love with this party. Jana is one lucky birthday girl. I love themes that are not your traditional birthday party themes. She wanted a birthday that was inspired by Pocahontas. The theme was a Native American (or Indian) theme. The tribal pattern is one of my favorite patterns, so I designed it and added it to most of the items and decorations. The pattern was even added to the cake by the talented Sukkar Cakes! The colors were pink, orange, brown, and light blue. The birthday girl’s costume was just perfect for the party. We made feather headbands for the kids to wear during the birthday. You just have to check out the pictures to see the details such as the teepees, dreamcatchers, and feathers.  Happy 8th birthday Jana!
Our handmade teepee invitation. We designed it according to the theme and colors.The main table.The beautiful cake by Sukkar Cakes was just perfect and completed the theme.Our homemade “Indian” caramel popcorn.We made these tribal patterned jars and added the forks and spoons to them.We also added the Indian corn/ m&ms; and wrapped each one with a feather.There was also a dreamcatcher added to the cake!Our homemade cookies shaped as teepees and feathers.
 It sure is. We added our homemade cookies shaped as feathers and teepees to the table.
Three words: pretzel sticks teepee.
We designed these centerpieces and added them to the table.
Checking out the background before Jana cuts the cake.
The favors, headbands, and guest book tree table.
We made these dreamcatchers and added it to the table’s background.
A picture of the birthday girl wearing her Pocahontas costume. We painted this frame according to the tribal pattern and added a number eight.
This guest book tree was just perfect. The kids loved writing their names on the paper dreamcatchers we made.
We designed these paper dreamcatchers that the kids would hang on the tree.
Loved how it turned out!
The guest book frame that we painted and designed.
These are the favors we made and designed for the party. Mini teepees filled with toys.
Each kid got to wear one of the headbands we made.
After they kids wished Jana a happy birthday, they took a lot of cute pictures in front of the background.
Happy 8th birthday Jana!

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