Arabian Princess Tia Has Arrived {A Welcome Baby Party}

A great alternative for a baby shower would be a welcome baby party. A baby shower takes place before the baby is born, and a welcome baby party takes place after the baby is born. This little Arabian princess had the best party ever. The theme was an Arabian princess theme. The colors we used were pink, purple, orange, and gold. Everything on the dessert table was simply royal, just perfect for this princess. We also made table centerpieces, a “guestbook” frame, a money or card box, favors, and a headband for the princess. Thank you Sukkar Cakes for the royal and delicious cake, and thank you Bella Handmade Accessories for the beautiful headpiece (worn by the baby’s mom). This theme would work as a baby shower, bridal shower, or even for a birthday. Princess Tia was just adorable and such a quiet baby during the party. I’m sure she is going to love looking at these pictures and hearing the great stories from her relatives when she grows up. Pictures are invaluable for days like this. Capturing special moments such as these is so important so that they can be cherished forever. These pictures are so important that you might want to use a professional photographer to ensure the pictures are perfect. Photographers such as an Olga Topchii Photographer will ensure you never forget your baby’s special day. Put them in a bespoke album and show friends and family for years to come. Congratulations Rasha on your baby princess!
The dessert table. We added so many delicious sweets and decorated it according to the theme.
We added a gold frame with the baby’s name and a welcome message. “Our wish came true! Welcome Princess Tia. December 5, 2013”.
Princess Tia loved her party! Her throne was decorated with beautiful royal balloons.
I’m in love with this background! Glitter and gold, two of my favorite things.
I don’t know what we would do without Sukkar Cakes. Her cakes always complete the party. This cake was an Arabian princess cake. A tiara, genie lamp, and an Arabian style necklace were all added to the cake. Adorable details and delicious all at the same time.
Princess Tia posing with her cake.
Time to congratulate Tia’s mom on her baby girl! Congratulations Rasha! Thank you Bella Handmade Jewelry for the mom’s beautiful Arabian headpiece.
We added gold lanterns filled with purple Jordan almonds. We also added a Ferrero Rocher bouquet to each side of the dessert table.
Our homemade cupcakes with purple frosting and gold sprinkles. We also designed these personalized cupcake toppers according to the theme.
We designed these personalized chocolate bar labels to fit this theme. Each one said “Our little princess Tia has arrived”.
Our homemade cookies shaped as onesies, baby blocks, and a princess crown.
Arabian Princess Tia wearing our handmade headpiece.
This is the table that we added the favors, “guestbook” frame, and money/card box to.
We made this princess themed money/card box. It was just perfect for the party.
We made this tiara and added it to the money/card box.
This is one of my favorite guestbook alternatives that I have made so far. A onesie autograph frame! We designed the background, painted the frame gold, added an Arabian style jewel, and added a plain onesie to it. Each guest wrote a small message and her name to the frame. This could then be hung in the baby’s room.
The onesie autograph frame also came with this instruction frame we designed.
This is the favor’s instruction frame that we designed and painted.
We made two different kinds of favors. Some took the jars we painted and decorated, and some took our handmade paper lantern boxes. All of the favors were filled with gold chocolate coins and gold Hershey Kisses.
We added jewels to each box and jar, and added a label to each box.
We made these Arabian princess themed diaper cakes as centerpieces. We also painted these jars and filled them with floating candles.
Jewels and gold beads, perfect for the Arabian princess theme!
The jars we painted were so beautiful when we lit the floating candles.
We made onesies and genie lamps for each diaper centerpiece.
Welcome Arabian Princess Tia!

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