A New Job Survival Kit

Starting a new job or career can be tough at first. That is (of course) if they don’t have a “new job” survival kit! This is a great gift to give to your friend, colleague, or even family member when they are about to start a new journey. There are many ways a survival kit could be customized. It all depends on the what the person likes and even the great memories created during their previous job. This basket was personalized by a thoughtful team for their lucky manager. They wanted to show their manager that they had great memories working together and they wish him the best of luck in his future. He loved reading every single note that was added to each item. Check out the pictures below for the simple, meaningful, and humorous survival kit items. Good luck in your new job, Rami!
 KitKat Chunky: Because it’s one of your favorites.
Gum: To help you stick to your goals.
Toothpicks: To help you pick the good out of all situations.
 Crazy Chocolate: To help you keep calm when things are going crazy.
Snack Chocolate: To remind you to have a snack of chocolate everyday.
Hershey’s: To remind you of all the times we tried to break your diet.
Fitness Cereal: To remind you to eat something else healthy, other than almonds.
Notebook: To help you keep track of all the job possibilities you have, since we won’t be there to keep track for you.
Reese’s: To remind you of all the times we tried to break your diet.
Time Out Chocolate: To remind you to take a break and enjoy life.
7 Days: To remind you to keep in touch with us, 7 days a week.
Fancy Shirt: To remind you to stay as sharp and stylish as you always are.
“Adel’s Water”: To remind you to drink water with your almond diet.
Sanitizer: For all of the hand shaking you’ll be doing with the customers.
Tea Bags: To remind you to sit back and relax.
Whiteboard: To remind you of the talented teacher you were to us.
Ritz Crackers: Since we won’t be at your new office to share our favorite snacks with you.
Calculator: To remind you of all the pricelists and FUFs that we partied with.
I designed this frame using this great quote and all of the jobs/careers that the team thinks their manager is capable of doing.
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  1. Wow such a cool idea for a wedding gift!! My best friend jenny is getting married next month and I was thinking of getting her a special gift for the wedding. I was checking the internet and came across some cool survival kits for various occasions. But I didn't find a wedding kit and I thought I'll have to make one myself. Thanks God i came across your blog and it's a life saver seriously.

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