A Gift Basket Filled With Love

Gift baskets are one of my many, many, many favorite gifts. It could be personalized in lots of different ways for almost any occasion. This basket is obviously filled with so much love and special items. This was a Valentine’s Day gift, but it could be given to any person you love at any time. I’m not really a fan of Valentine’s Day since I do believe that you should always show your love to the people you care daily. This basket was filled with items we designed such as the mug, love vouchers, and card. Remember to celebrate love every day!
I designed this mug and added it to the basket. I also added their name’s to the arrow.
A “reasons why I love you” jar just never gets old. I designed this jar and added paper notes shaped as hearts. Each heart has a reason why she loves him.
  Vouchers are amazing. They could be funny, romantic, crazy, fun, and memorable all at the same time!
Our handmade “key themed” card. This basket was for a person who loves cars, so I decided to make the card based on something related to cars. I added this key and the words “You hold the key to my heart”. The colors were based on the overall theme of the basket.

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