Yousef’s Surprise Goodbye Party

This day was such a bittersweet day. It was the perfect way to say good bye to such a very special person that we already miss so much. The theme was very unique and represented Yousef’s personality & favorite things. Of course we had to pack our bags and travel with him, so we added a traveling theme that matched the rest of the items (such as the favors shaped as suitcases). We even made the dessert table as a mini “duty free” that had all of Yousef’s favorite things. Can’t forget the hashtags because, well, you just can’t #resist. There was just one small challenge we had to face… we only had four days to prepare the party! Yes it was tiring and yes my body is still sore, but it was so worth it and Yousef deserves so much more. The best part of this whole event is the fact that around fifty people were able to keep it a secret. I love surprises, and I loved Yousef’s reaction when he saw every one. Thanks to every one that was able to attend, participated in the activities, contributed in the $pecial video made for Yousef (by Creative), helped before and during the event, helped out with Yousef’s gift, and helped me finish everything for the party on time. This party wouldn’t have been complete without you all.
The “Duty Free” sweets table. I added everything I could that represented Yousef to this little sweet shop. Each item had a #hashtag to explain the item. I made a background that had Yousef’s “logo”, and added the words “Duty Free… Money Free”. Each item on the table had a meaning (and a #hashtag) that represents Yousef. Thanks to my brother and husband that helped me out before and during the party. You guys are the best!
#ThankYousef to every one that packed their bags with Yousef’s favorite items! We also made vintage “stamps” that had pictures of the places he is traveling to and from.
I added popcorn since Yousef loves to watch #movies, M&Ms; since his #blog is filled with M&Ms; pictures, and string shaped candy to represent his #necklace. I also added candy shaped as eggs to represent #fitness, and gummy worms since he’s a #bookworm.
The silverware table had to be special too. So I added these “We Will Miss Yousef” letters on the tissue boxes to let the guests know where the napkins are to wipe their tears.
Thanks to every one who took the time to record a short video message for Yousef and to those who contributed financially. Thanks Yazeed and Creative for spending so much time and effort on this video. This was such a great surprise and made us laugh and cry all at the same time. You can watch the video on Yousef’s site (the link below) or on Creative’s Facebook page. You won’t regret it.
Their reactions were priceless. Thank you Saleh for helping out. You were a great “speaker” and the guests loved the positive energy you brought to the room. This activity was one of the funniest activities we played during the event. They were supposed to act like Yousef, and the guests were the judges. Watch the video below and vote for your favorite!
We added this table that contained the photo booth props, caps for the guests to wear, and the Instagram instructions frame.
These caps were for all of the guests to wear and take home. These also represented Yousef and his addiction to caps. Thanks Creative!
 Check out the slideshow below for some crazy, funny, and memorable pictures we took by the photo booth.  We designed the photo booth background using hashtags that represent Yousef of course. I also added his logo in the middle, and the main hashtag “#ThankYouForBeingYousef!”.
The bags were filled with these personalized mini notepads. I designed each notepad using Yousef’s logo and different hashtags that represent him. I also added “This is not goodbye, this is see yousef later” on each one with his website’s url. These notepads and pens represent Yousef’s love of reading books and writing blogs. I made sure the favors were very #youseful.
There’s no way we would let you leave without having something your addicted to. Hope you bought your laptop already! Thanks to every one who contributed and made this possible!


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