Christmas Sweets & Simple Gifts

It seems like winter started a little early this year, and we hope you are all warm and enjoying this beautiful month with your family and friends. For this Christmas, we made these simple gifts that are perfect to give to your colleagues. At first it seems like it’s just a cute santa themed card, but once you open it it’s actually a card filled with money! This idea would also be a cute gift for other occasions such as a graduation gift or even a birthday gift. I love the expression on someone’s face when you just give them a card (and they were expecting something a little more expensive). If you like our homemade snowmen cookies in the picture above, then don’t forget to check out our previous Christmas themed sweets and items here. We hope you all have a sweet and merry Christmas!
Simple Santa Themed Gifts.
Each colleague that celebrates Christmas got Christmas themed candy and a very special card.
This card is designed to hold money, so much better than a regular card!