Instagram Themed Party Favors

If you’re still not on Instagram, then you’re definitely missing out on all the fun. Instagram is great for getting all your pictures, showing off with all your friends, etc… A lot of bloggers use Instagram to help them get more traffic to their blog. So if you are a blogger and currently don’t have Instagram then you need to get on it as soon as possible. You can even get more instagram followers for free here if you wanted, so that should make things easier for you. Instagram is somewhat the way to keep in touch with the world; it’s great! You can follow your favourite celebrities and see what they’re up to, and you can find accounts and photos on your recommended. You can also message people through Instagram, and if you have a business, you can use the platform to promote it. Amazing, right? However, you can only promote when you have followers, as without followers, no ones going to view your account and spread the word. This is the same for if you want to meet new people through the platform; you can’t without followers! Luckily, you can grow your instagram with upleap which will earn you followers, sometimes double the amount you already have! With the help of upleap, you can be earning followers easily without having to be famous or do anything special. Instagram is all about followers, and that’s what these sites are for. Anyway, we decided to make these Instagram themed favor boxes for a goodbye-bridal shower party. Each box had an Instagram inspired icon in the front. On the back of the box, we personalized each one with a picture of the bride-to-be’s friends. Each friend had a special hashtag added on her box. These favors are simple and meaningful, and could work for a lot of different occasions. #CongratulationsRasha!

This is the label we added to each box. We added wedding themed icons and special hashtags on each box.

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