Maya’s Rapunzel Themed Birthday Items

I’ve never noticed how long Rapunzel’s braid was until we made these decorations and favors. The theme was inspired by the movie Tangled, and the colors of the favors and decorations were purple and yellow. We also ordered a full Rapunzel costume for the birthday girl, but we didn’t have the chance to take a picture of it. You can click on this link here to see our previous Rapunzel/Tangled themed items. Happy 5th birthday Maya!
We made these favor bags and added a yellow braid and a Tangled sun to each.
Our Rapunzel-Tangled inspired handmade centerpiece.
Our homemade chocolate favors with yellow braids. We also made these for a previous Tangled themed party (click here for a picture).
We also added a long yellow braid to this tower piñata.
 This probably looks like a snake with a flower in this picture, but it’s actually a long thick braid to hang around the table or hall. This turned out to be almost ten meters long!
We made this personalized birthday banner for Maya.
Happy Birthday Maya!

Our Tangled themed personalized bottle labels.

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