A Fashion & Makeup Themed Birthday Party

Fashion & makeup are two things girls just love. This birthday party is very similar to the “Fashion Themed Birthday Party” we threw last year for Joud (click here for pictures). For this party, we chose the colors pink, black, and white. We added some new decorations, cupcake toppers, chocolates, and cookies. Happy 9th birthday Mira!
The main table.
Another amazing cake by the talented Sukkar Cakes!
Sweets that are too cute to eat!
We added our personalized toppers to our homemade cupcakes.
Our homemade cookies shaped as purses.
Our homemade cookies shaped as… mannequins! These are perfect for fashion lovers!
We also added some sparkle to our homemade mannequin cookies.
We personalized these chocolate lollipops using the birthday girl’s name and age.
We also made these personalized chocolate wrappers.
We made these 3D letters as part of the decorations.
Happy Birthday Mira!
Our homemade chocolates shaped as makeup items.
This is the centerpiece we made for this party. We added fashion and makeup themed items, and also the birthday girl’s name.