Super Mario Themed Birthday Party

I don’t think you could ever be too old for a Super Mario themed birthday party. This party was so much fun to plan and decorate. I added the characters Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach. There was a dessert table, fun activities, decorations, and favors for the kids. Since the kids that were invited were different ages, made sure they were all able to enjoy the activities and theme. We threw this Super Mario themed birthday party for a special birthday boy. Happy 12th birthday Super Yazan!
The dessert table!
I made this background and happy birthday banner related to the Super Mario theme.
We added homemade chocolate cake that looks like the brick, homemade cookies, chips, chocolate lollipops, and of course our homemade cupcakes!
Our homemade cupcakes with our Super Mario themed toppers.
We added the birthday boy’s name as the cupcake toppers.
The cupcake toppers were also coins and Princess Peach!
Happy Birthday Super Yazan!
Our homemade chocolate lollipops shaped as Mario’s mustache and Princess Peach’s crown.
They had so much fun taking pictures with the chocolate Mario mustaches!
Time to jump for some coins!
Our homemade cookies shaped as Yoshi’s egg!
Our homemade cookies shaped as Mario’s mustache and Princess Peach’s crown.
I made the guestbook related to the Super Mario Theme. Each kid got to write the birthday boy a wish on a coin!
Then they placed the birthday wish coin it in the brick box that I made.
Writing the birthday wishes for the Super birthday boy!
Each kid got to wear either a Mario, Luigi, or Princess Peach costume. No Mario or Luigi costume is complete without a mustache!

I made a green Luigi and a red Mario hats for the boys to wear.

They look just like Mario and Luigi with the costumes!
I also made Princess Peach crowns for the girls to wear.
She is our princess!
They all love the hats, crowns, and mustaches I made for them to wear!
And this is what a mixture of Princess Peach and Mario would look like!
Another activity we added to the party was a Boo piñata.
                They were so excited to just break it open and collect as much candy as they could! 
We covered their eyes to make it harder and more fun.
Get ready…
Love their faces!
Candy candy candy!
Super Yazan collecting his candy but then Luigi stole his bag!
This Princess made sure no space was left in her candy bag.
I really want to know where that bucket came from.
For this activity, the kids had to fix a picture of Mario and Luigi. The first person to finish the puzzle won a prize!
They had no idea it wasn’t going to be an easy game.
The other kids didn’t just watch. They were trying to distract him in any way to make him lose!
They are all winners!
No Mario party is complete without playing on the Nintendo Wii.
These are the favors I made shaped as coin boxes for the kids to take home.
I filled each box with chocolate coins and candy for the boys. The girls got chocolate coins and accessories. I also added a “thanks for coming” label to each one.