Baby Favors For a Very Special Prince!

The month of May was such an exciting month for our family. Congratulations to my beautiful sister and her husband on their first baby! I’m officially an aunt, and I love my nephew already even though we are so far away! I can’t forget that my parents are finally grandparents; I’m going to have so much fun making them feel old! I can’t wait to meet this already spoiled little boy. They’ve helped my sister out a lot, which we are all grateful for. They’ve given them so much advice and even recommended they check out sites like Mommyhood101 if they need any tips when it comes to looking after the baby. I wish I was there with my sister but I know we will be soon. Thanks to technology I felt like I was there with you and I couldn’t do anything until you were done! This day was probably the longest day of our life, we were all so excited and couldn’t wait for this baby to come into this world! I’m so happy this day is finally here. Welcome baby Ameer, our first little prince and nephew!
I just couldn’t let this amazing moment pass by without making something special for my nephew (wow that sounds so good)! They named him Ameer, which means “prince” in Arabic. So I made favor boxes shaped as a prince’s crown and chocolate bars with a frog prince. Check out the pictures below for more details. Congratulations to my beautiful sister and her husband, you are going to be great parents I know it.
I made everything green and blue. These are our crown favor boxes, and I added “Our Little Prince Has Arrived” on the front.
I added the baby’s name to the back of the box.
This is one spoiled prince!
Here are the chocolate favors that we made. I designed it using the frog prince and added the sentence “Welcome Baby Ameer”.
Congratulations once again!!!

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