A Gift Basket Inspired By Different Languages

Is it just me or did you also notice that there’s a birthday almost every single day during May? I love it, it’s like a birthday season and so many excuses to keep partying and eating sweets! This is a birthday gift basket that I have done for someone who is learning a new language. He’s fluent in English and Spanish, and is learning to speak Arabic. This basket is filled with many different Arabian inspired items and I wrote “Happy Birthday” in all three languages. This is a great gift not just for birthdays, but to also encourage those who are learning new languages. Happy birthday to all of those born during the month of May!
These are our homemade chocolate lollipops, and I designed these labels using an Arabian style. I added “Happy Birthday” in three languages.
Our homemade chocolate lollipops. I added “Happy Birthday” in English to some lollipops.
 I also added “Feliz Cumpleaños” to some of our homemade chocolate lollipops. This is “Happy Birthday” in Spanish.
The third language is Arabic, so I added “Happy Birthday” in Arabic too.
 I made this frame which could be placed on an office desk or at home. I added the Arabian theme to it and wrote birthday words in Spanish, English, and Arabic.
I love how it turned out!
Happy Birthday!
 I also added a book about Palestine since the person is currently living in Palestine.
 I also added an incense burner with incense sticks.
Since the person receiving the gift is learning Arabic, I added a dictionary that translates from Spanish to Arabic.