80’s Themed Cupcakes and Card

It’s crazy how these cupcakes brought back so many memories from the 80s! I love this person so much I’ve decided to make two themes for his birthday this year. What a lucky lucky (old) man. The first one was the Monopoly themed birthday that we threw a few weeks ago. If you didn’t check that out then you are missing out on one of our most popular parties (click here)! This time I made our homemade cupcakes with our toppers. I made these for him to celebrate his birthday at work with his colleagues. The card is just a simple reminder to help this old man to be on time for dinner. Happy birthday to my one and only Yazan! I love you!
80s themed cupcake toppers
Who remembers this?
One of our favorite classic games!
Smurf from the 80s!
Can you figure out what this is?
Oh the good ol’ days…
Good times. Cassettes with fancy labels!
Our handmade card inspired by the 80s.
Just for you!