Winter Themed Birthday

Today was such a special day, it was our mom’s 25th birthday (she’s been 25 for the past couple of years)! We love her so much and if it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have become who we are today. She knows how to be a mom and a friend at the same time, and I hope that we will know how to raise our children the way she raised us. We ended this special day with sweets and fun games that had us laughing for hours! She loves the winter season, so a winter theme was the best way to celebrate her birthday. We kept it elegant and simple using the colors brown, white, and gold. Check out the pictures for more details of the cupcakes, sweets, and frame! Happy birthday mom, we love you!
The dessert display.
The lights and candles turned out to be very elegant!
We made her a “we love you because” frame to write her random messages.
Our marshmallow snowmen!
These marshmallow snowmen were the perfect addition to this warm and cozy winter day.
We also made some homemade chocolate lollipops in the shapes of snowmen and snowflakes.
Our homemade snowmen shaped chocolate lollipops.
Our homemade snowflakes shaped chocolate lollipops.
Time for some hot cocoa!
 The toppers we added were chocolate chips and marshmallows.
Can’t forget the hershey kisses wrapped in gold wrappers.
I am in love with these! I took about a thousand pictures, it was so hard to choose just a few! These are our homemade Oreo cupcakes, and we topped them with our edible snowflakes. Delicious and elegant!
Time to sing happy birthday and make a wish!