A Geek Themed Engagement Party

I just love it when couples want to add something new and unique to their engagement party or wedding! These items are for couples who just love anything that has to do with Google and all things geeky! We made everything using the Google logo colors. Check out the pictures of the favors, guest book, guest book frame, photo props, and more. Congratulations Rasha and Mohammad!

These are the super geeky favors. I made 3D shaped letters and chocolate shaped as “O”s to spell out the word “Google”!
Let’s see how many geeks are going to understand this banner! Oh my, what are those little green boxes down there?
These are the Android boxes we made to hold the rings. One for the bride and one for the groom. Love how fancy they are!
This is a sign based on the Foursquare app that the couple used as a prop in their engagement photos.
I also made these moustache props that were used also used as photo props.
These are the handmade thought bubbles (shaped as the Google Talk bubbles) I made for the couple to write what they are thinking during the photo shoot!
What’s the best way to write a note for this couple? In Gmail envelopes of course! I made these envelopes and hung them on the frame that would be displayed at the engagement party. The guests would write an note email for the couple and place it in one of the many envelopes. How geeky is that?
 These are the Gmail “compose” papers that I made for the guest to write an email on.
Some of the Gmail envelopes were left on the table.
After the engagement party, the couple would place the Gmail envelopes in this guest book that I made for them.
I placed the Gmail envelope icon in place of the “M”, and designed the front cover using the Google logo colors. It can’t get any geekier than this!
Just one more picture because I just love how it turned out!

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