Qusai’s Shaun the Sheep 1st Birthday

Remember the first Shaun the Sheep party we threw (check it out here)? Well it turns out this sheep is more popular than we expected, and a lot of people have been requesting Shaun the Sheep themed parties ever since! For this party, we made decorations, favors, activities, and some sweets. Everything was blue, green, white, and black, and of course Shaun the Sheep. Some decorations were like the one from the previous Shaun the Sheep party, and a lot were new. Check out the pictures below. Happy 1st birthday, Qusai!
We made these handmade birthday hats.
A special birthday hat for the birthday boy.
The personalized birthday banner. There was also a line that said “Happy 1st Birthday”, like the one in this party here.
The pictures to place under the birthday banner.
I customized them to match the theme.
This is the picture banner of the birthday boy’s first year. There was a picture for every month.
Shaun the Sheep centerpieces. They could be used as balloon weights too.
One of the activities was pin the tail on the… sheep!
Fingerprint balloon frame. We customized it for the birthday boy, and had Shaun the Sheep holding balloon strings. This is a great alternative for the traditional guest book.
The instructions for the fingerprint guest book frame.
The famous “guess how many marshmallows are in the jar” game. Can you figure it out this time?
We made personalized paper for the guests to write their prediction and their names.
The instruction sheep.
Time capsule for the birthday boy. The last Shaun the Sheep party had this as a regular birthday wishes box, but this time we added a little extra something. The birthday boy is not going to be able to open this box until he turns 10! The mom is allowed to read it once, but then she can’t read them for another 10 years.
The instruction frame in the box.
We made two different styles for the notes.
This is the “crawling to the future” game,  just perfect for a first birthday. We added four jars with four different professions (chef, businessman, doctor, and soccer/football player). Each guest would write their name in the jar they think the birthday boy would be when he grows up. We placed four items in front of the baby (bread for a chef, money for a businessman, stethoscope for a doctor, ball for a soccer/football player). Whichever he crawls to first is what he would be when he grows up. A random name is selected out of the winning jar and that person wins a prize!
No party is complete without a piñata of course!
The photo booth props and decoration. The photo booth background should be covered with a green fabric, and this banner is hung infront of it. These are the photo booth props we made.
The cupcakes with cute personalized toppers.
We also made these delicious sheep shaped sugar cookies.
Favor #1: These are one of the many favors given out during the party. These survival kits are so simple and were supposed to be survival kits from the birthday boy to his aunts and grandmas. This survival kit was for someone that will be traveling.
Frame: To frame a picture of us together to take with you.
SMS Chocolate: To remind you to keep in touch.
Smileys: To remind you to keep smiling.
This survival kit was for someone who worries about their weight.
Pins: To hold your clothes when they get loose.
Green Tea: A cup of tea is what you need to relax.
Tape: To cover your mouth when you feel like eating something sweet.
Granola Bar: For a healthy late snack.
One of these survival kits was for a mom-to-be:
Paper Clips: To help you keep it all together.
Medicine: For when all else fails, take two.
Hershey Kisses: For all of the hugs and kisses you will be giving away.
Mint: To remember to stay fresh when you don’t have time for yourself.
The 2nd survival kit was for someone who doesn’t like to change diapers:
Toothpicks: To remind you to keep your eyes open when babysitting.
Sanitizer: For those diaper duties.
Gloves: For when you are forced to change a diaper.
Lollipops: To remember to stay young.
A survival kit for a chocolate lover.
Danger Tape: Wrap around yourself when you are out of chocolate.
Crazy Chocolate Bar: Something so sweet for someone so crazy.
M&Ms;: To keep your days bright and full of color.
A survival kit for a a swimmer and whose birthday is coming up.
Kinder Surprise: The perfect birthday surprise for someone so perfect.
Sunglasses: To keep you shaded when swimming.
Balloons: To remind you to celebrate and enjoy each day.
 Favor #2: Chocolate Sheep Lollipops. These were the gifts handed out to the winners of the birthday activities.
Favor #3: Shaun the Sheep boxes for the kids. We made these for the kids that were invited to the party. We filled it up with Shaun the Sheep crayons, coloring pages, erasers, and chocolate. We wrapped it around with a “fence” and added a “thanks for coming” label.
Favor #4: Keychains. These keychains were given out to the adults that were invited.
We personalized both sides of the keychain.


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  1. Great ideas… my son turns 3 in two weeks and he's having a shaun the sheep party. thanks for sharing!

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