“King of the Grill” Gift Basket

Happy birthday to the coolest and most amazing dad! This was the our way to show the ”king of the grill” that we love him and we didn’t forget about his birthday. Since he got a new grill on this very special day, a basket filled with all of the tools he needed was the perfect addition. I added everything from the tools to the roasted marshmallows. I couldn’t get him the chef’s knife on time so that was a belated birthday gift. I know I’m your favorite daughter and that is why I know this was your favorite gift. Love you so very much, and we didn’t forget about your promise to make us BBQ this weekend!
Basket filled with all the right grilling tools and items needed for cooking and eating BBQ.
A happy birthday tool.
These were our way of showing our dad that he is the “king of the grill”. The words “of” and “the” were made as grill tools. I made the crown (king) and the grill cards so the whole family can write him what it is we are expecting at the BBQ next Saturday a lot of birthday wishes.
Homemade chocolate lollipops for our #1 dad!
Marshmallows on the “grill”. Filled it up with lots of firelighters.