A Highly Caffeinated Gift Basket

If you are someone that loves (and knows how) to wake up early, I warn you. What you are about to see is a gift basket filled with highly caffeinated items such as coffee, chocolate and cupcakes. This is a dangerous gift for someone that wakes up early without drinking coffee, and will never go back to sleep if they just eat a small piece of chocolate. That is why this was just perfect birthday gift for our very old young¬†friend who just doesn’t have the right amount of caffeine to wake him up early. Check out the pictures below for everything sweet, delicious, and filled with caffeine! Also check out the earlier gift basket we made for a coffee lover here.
Danger! Highly caffeinated!
An alarm clock to help him wake up and smell the coffee!
Coffee Candles.
The coffee cup birthday card with steam on top.
31 “Raisins” (instead of reasons) why you should wake up early. We filled up the jar with chocolate covered raisins to look like beans, and with paper to write the reasons.
The coffee mug shaped notes in the reasons jar.
A coffee mug that says: “Coffee: Greatest enemy of Cola”
I placed the homemade cupcakes with steam on top in plastic coffee mugs.