Beach Inspired Party Decorations & Food

Summer is here, and this means it’s time to hit the beach! Or at least have a beach inspired party! These decorations were made for a girl’s first birthday. The great thing about this theme is that it could work for any age, but of course there would be some changes made. The colors we used were blue, hot pink, yellow, green, and orange. Yes my birthday is coming up, so please be inspired and remember how much I love going to the beach and what a great surprise it would be to throw me a beach inspired party when you go through the pictures. Thank you.
 This is the “Happy Birthday” banner I made, and I personalized it using the birthday girl’s name.
 Added some beach ”umbrellas” here and there.
 Oh my my, aren’t those just too cute to wear?! I made these birthday hats using the letter “A” for the birthday girl’s name, and the number one since she’s turning 4 (I’m kidding people).
 The letter A and number “1” were made up of surf boards, sand, and luau flowers.
 A child’s first birthday is not complete without a picture banner. I used pictures of the birthday girl that were taken throughout her first year. It’s such a great way to remember some of the great moments that have taken place. I customized each picture using a beach inspired item, such as a starfish, beach umbrella, flip flops, and sand castle.
These are octopus lollipops favors that are too cute to be eaten.
 Homemade starfish cookies!
 Just when you thought it was over, I give you the beach cupcakes. I added a beach umbrella on each cupcake, with a little of the sand shore and the ocean. Cute!
Another picture of the beach cupcakes.
 And another…
ok just one more… love love love!

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