Wedding Guest Book and Flower Girl Basket

Here comes the bride, the most beautiful bride! Congratulations to our beautiful sister and brother-in-law on their wedding. Everything was elegant, they were adorable, and they looked great. I can’t believe after a year of waiting that it just finished, time really does fly by! It was definitely the wedding of the year. I’m really going to miss my little sister, but seeing her so happy makes me forget how sad I am since she is leaving. I hope you both have the best life together, because you both deserve the best. I can’t write everything I wrote in the guest book for you here because it would take another five hours for me to write it. I think that was the most I have ever written for anyone! Here is the flower girl basket and guest book we made for her wedding. The theme was red roses, so we got rose petals for the basket and added a ribbon rose to the guest book. Check out the pictures for more details. I love you sis, and congratulations once again!

 On the front cover, I added a ribbon rose I handmade with pearls in the middle.
 I personalized the guest book by using the bride and groom’s name, and their wedding date.
 The rose I handmade. Adorable right?
The pages inside. Each page had a simple border with the their names on it.

The very simple guest book table during the wedding.

This is the flower girl’s basket we made. The handle was covered with pearls, and I painted the words “Here Comes the Bride” on it. I also added a red paper flower on the side.
 Here’s a closer look at the red paper flower.
 This is the adorable flower girl. We love you and you did such a great job!
I covered the handle with pearls.