Purple and White Bridal Shower

Wedding season is here, and this year our sister is going to be the most beautiful bride ever! This is such a great moment in your life, and I know your wedding is going to be amazing. I can’t believe that both my sisters are growing up so fast, it’s making me feel so old. One of them just graduated, and the other is getting married. Don’t worry, they won’t be throwing my “over the hill” birthday party any time soon. This bride-to-be deserves nothing but the best, so it only made sense to throw her the most amazing bridal shower ever. The colors for this bridal shower were purple and white. The whole house was filled with dresses and cakes in so many forms! Check out the pictures below for more details. 

White paper lanterns for the dance floor. This are amazing in every color. We used turquoise lanterns in the graduation party we threw earlier. Check it out here.

This was beautiful!

The “Happily Ever After” banner I made. We hung it next to the dance floor.

These are the bride-to-be’s accessories she wore during the party. A veil, sash, and a ring. I will be stealing these soon.

The ceiling decoration on top of the food table. We cut out hearts and hung them around the table.
We made centerpieces using vases and filled them up with purple flower and white almond candy.
Time for some food! Everything was either home made or made by our friends.
Time to set up the sweets!
On one side we placed all of the chips, and on the other side we set up the cookies and cupcakes. We placed the chocolate lollipops and cake in the middle of the table.
This is another amazing cake by Sukkar Cakes. Thank you so much, it was delicious! Check out her Facebook page here. My sister now regrets not getting a dress like the one on the cake, it was too cute! In the front of the cake are the wedding cake shaped cookies I made with a huge big heart to show my sister how much I love her.
The cake from Sukkar Cakes once again, I just love love love the dress!
These are the chocolate lollipops that we made as the shape of a wedding cake. Adorable right?
Cupcakes! We made oreo cupcakes and customized toppers using words such as “bride to be”, “I Do”, “Always & Forever”, and “Shereen’s Bridal Shower”.
Another picture of the cupcakes, just because they are awesome.
In addition to the wedding cake cookies, we made wedding dress shaped cookies and hearts. I know that my sister really appreciates the fact that I sat there adding more details to all of the cookies. Next time it will be just smiley faces.
The silverware and drinks table. I made a Polaroid banner, and has a personalized frame placed on the table.
Here’s a closer look at the banner. It was all of the great memories the couple had before their wedding. Well, only twelve of them.
I’m in love with the frame! We added the cute juice dispenser on the table and filled it up with grape juice.
No party is a party without a photo booth. A wedding collage was perfect for this bridal shower, and our guests got creative! Too bad we can’t post them all, every picture was funnier than the other.
On the top left are the photo props. And under that scarf were all of the crazy wigs.
Strike a pose!
This is the activities and favors table. We added a banner under the table, and behind it was a background my family probably wishes I never thought of (didn’t take much time at all, really!).
This is the paper flower background that I sat hours, days, years, decades making. Couldn’t have finished it without all of my little helpers. Thanks!
These are the dress shaped place cards we made and set up next to each activity or favor.
The “Bride To Be” banner we made. Come on, don’t tell me you didn’t notice the “O” in the word “To”!
The “Advice for the Bride to Be” suitcase. The bride is going to be leaving to another country after the wedding, and this is why we thought of a suitcase. I’m going to miss you oh so much! (The bride, not the suitcase). We made the cards as the shape of a dress, and the flower that is placed on the “Advice for the Bride to Be” is the same idea as the table’s background.
Some of the dress shaped notes.
The marshmallow game- Can you guess how many marshmallows are in this jar? Here’s a hint: it’s less than 2,000 pieces.
How many do you think is in the jar?
The necklace game. We got purple necklaces and customized each one with either a cake or a dress. I don’t think I ever laughed this much before from this game. I couldn’t stop saying the brides name! Yes, I’m the loser.
Time for the toilet paper dress game! Our models were amazing, and the designers got creative.
Here are the gifts for the winners.
This is one of the favors we gave to all of our guests.
Favor #1: I made personalized keychains using the date of the wedding and the bride and groom’s names.
Favor #2: Purple dress favors filled with purple chocolate. Yes, we made each and every single one!
Here’s a closer look, we added a flower on the front, and a personalized ribbon tied to the back.