Graduation Party-Turquoise and Purple

Finally, the party we have all been waiting for! After months of planning, preparing, and hitting each other, we finally threw the best graduation party for the best baby sister ever. I’m still shocked that you have graduated from high school and that it is all over now, but I’m so excited for your future. It’s crazy how time is going by so fast, but it just keeps getting better! I’m loving each party we are throwing more and more, especially when it is for someone so special. Everything about this graduation party was perfect. The colors, theme, decorations, people, music, and food were amazing. Thanks to everyone that made this day perfect for our sister. The colors were turquoise, purple, and some white. Check out the pictures below for more details!
The dance floor and favor/activity table.
Preparing the food table. On the right was the silverware and drinks display.
We hung purple and turquoise streamers on top of the food table. Is that a cake? Check out the rest of the pictures for a closer shot.
Oh how I love this. I want this displayed all over my house forever and ever. Paper lanterns are amazing, in any color for any event! This made the dance floor so much more fun.
Just one more picture. I’m thinking of adding a new post of the 100 pictures I took of these.
Book centerpieces. No they are not edible, but one book was more than enough to eat!
We made notebook paper place cards. It’s all about the details! We added this next to all of the food, sweets, favors, and activities.
First up, pizza, chips, dip, salads, and everything delicious
Crackers and cheese. Took a before and after shot to show the world that it was all gone just when I was taking the shot! I hope my sister sees this, then feels bad for me, then will call me because she made some more! Thanks sis, you shouldn’t have.
My dad is a salad expert! Thanks for making all of these amazing salads!

Enough pizza, time for some sweets!

And here is the beautiful, neat, and delicious cake made by the talented Sukkar Cakes. A book, graduation cap, and a diploma. Check out her cakes on Facebook here!
We had to make and give out diplomas. What would a graduation party be without diplomas? Candy and chocolate. On the right are the “smart cookies” I made for all of the smart cookies that were invited.
One more picture of the cookies we made because they were amazing.
Our graduation cupcakes that we made. Aren’t these the best? Last year, we made the toppers as a separate sweet. We needed to get these graduates all the sugar they needed, so cupcakes it is!
The silverware display.
Placed the drinks in a basket.
 Here is the favor and activity table. Love love love it!
Customized banner that we made. We used the graduates name with the word “congratulations”. I never noticed how long that word was!
Favor #1: Sunglasses, since these graduates will need shades for a future so bright!
The time capsule. The graduate will not open this until she turns 23, in the year 2016. All of her friends and family wrote what they predict she will be doing at 23, and yes she will not know anything until she’s 23. I’ll be keeping this at my house for safety.
Time capsule instruction frame, and the torn pages we made for the guests to write on.
 Favors #2: Our homemade (as in our home) chocolate graduation cap and diploma lollipops!
 A closer look *ran off to go eat mine*.
 Activity #1 (picture on the left): The necklace game. Everyone had to wear one of these during the party, and were not allowed to say the words written on the place card. If someone catches another person saying one of those words, they would take their necklace away! The winner for this activity and the rest to come would win one of the winner bags (picture on the right).
 Activity #2: The teachers name game. Every guest had a name placed on their back. Of course they didn’t know the name, and they had to ask their friends for clues until they figured it out!
 Activity #3: Graduation cap autograph hat and bear.
 The frame I made for my little sister.
 Activity #4: Time for some photos! This photobooth was perfect for the graduation party. We also made a banner that looked like a Polaroid, and said “Picture your future”.
What is a photobooth without props? These are props that we made (the ones on the sticks). We also bought some funny bands.
Photo props.
 Some of the awesome guests. Thanks everyone for coming and making this day a day to remember! And congratulations to all of you that graduated!

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