Job Survival Kit

Survival kits are the best way to make someone special smile when they are going through a tough time. The list of items you can add is endless and there’s a kit for almost any occasion! What’s the best way to make a hard worker relax? A job survival kit :). What’s the secret behind all of the successful businessmen in the world? A job survival kit :). Believe me everyone should have a kit like this on his/her desk. Check out the items we added below:
Paper clips: to help you ”hold” it together.
Tea bag: to remind you to relax.
Money: so you will never have to say “I’m broke”.
Whiteout: to help you wipe away problems you don’t feel like solving.
Granola bar: to remind you to stay healthy and eat.
Jeans: to remind you to stay comfortable.
Snickers: to remind you to take time to laugh.
Erasers: to help you erase all your fears.
Sanitizer: to remind you to stay fresh.
Tape: to help you keep your eyes open when you feel like sleeping.
Permanent marker: to remind you that I’m always by your side no matter what.
Soup: for when things are too hot to handle.
Crazy bar: to help you calm down when things are going crazy.
Notepads: to help you remember what’s important.
Flake: just because it’s your favorite.
Water bottle: to help you when dealing with people that ”dry your throat” 😉 😉 😉 😉
 Gum: to help you stick to your goals.
Highlighter: to remind you that you are the highlight of my day.
After Eight: to remind you to take a break after 8.
Raisins: to help you when ”rasin”g problems.
 Clips: to help you ”hang” in there.
Sharpeners: for all your sharp ideas.
Rubber bands: to help you stay flexible. Things might not always go the way you want.
Shoes: to help you walk away from distractions (BTW I did buy real shoes, but it just wouldn’t fit in the basket!).
 Magnet: to remember that I’m always ”attracted” to you.
Toothpicks: to help you ”pick” out the good in all situations and in others.
Phone card: to remind you to call me when you need a friend.
Correction pen: to help you correct any mistakes.
Air freshener: to keep your office fresh and clean.
Green: For when you’re dealing with the grouchy and mean.
Brown: For the times when you are down.
Orange: is a special coating. it will help minimize bloating 🙂
Red: Helps cure the aches in your head.
Yellow: to help you mellow.
Blue: When you feel like you have no clue.
If your life is a drag, just eat the whole bag!

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