Hannah Montana Themed Party

For this theme, we had to decide on two things. What colors do 9 and 10 year old girls love? Pink and purple! Favorite show? Hannah Montana! So yes that is what we went with. This birthday party was for two sisters, and everything made them feel like rock stars, from the disco balls to the photo props.

We placed the handmade favors and birthday hats in the back, and the food in the middle.
Happy birthday Joud and Rand!
You can tell the girls are already feeling like stars!
We handmade ”birthday wishes” book, one for each birthday girl.
Pink and purple handmade birthday hats.
 These were so much fun! Handmade guitar favors filled with goodies such as Hannah Montana stickers and coloring pages, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and mirrors. All the items needed to feel like a star.
Homemade chocolate cupcakes with cute toppers.
 Aren’t these centerpieces too cute? We made one for each birthday girl, and added a guitar and a microphone to each.
 Food, food, food! The lip shaped sugar cookies were delicious!
 Time to sing happy birthday!
The photobooth.
Let their imagination go wild!
 Pinata 🙂

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