Red, Pink, and Orange Anniversary Party

The theme for this anniversary party was red, pink, and orange, keeping it elegant and fun at the same time. This was a wonderful surprise for our parents, and a great family gathering. We also made a family slideshow that started off with the family baby pictures and ended with…. well what our lives ended up to be after these 24 for years of being a family. I might have to take a look into reviews of the best gadgets for men to get for my Dad before they see everything because he loves tech, but I’m not sure about Mom so we opted for a gift card. This day will definitely be remembered, the food, decorations, slideshow, and a dinner gift card were the perfect combination to make our parents happy on their anniversary!

The dining table was covered with brown table cloth and a pink table runner. Handmade pink, orange, and red felt roses were used as the centerpiece. Around them, candles and pearls were used, keeping the table elegant.

Handmade pink, red, and orange felt roses with pearls.
What’s on the menu? Chocolate covered apples, carrot cake, cheesecake, and heart shaped chocolate lollipops. And of course, everything was homemade 🙂
Hmm is that an envelope? What’s a better anniversary gift than a dinner for two at the Mövenpick Hotel!
This is the family subway art that we made, for them to keep, but for me to steal 🙂