Happy Eid Everyone!

Happy Eid! I hope the past Ramadan was filled with blessings for everyone. Finally I will be able to look at food again and actually bake them during the day (and post post post!). As a gift from me to you, please help yourself to some delicious sweets from any one of these baskets we made.

These were the two baskets we made. Since I like you for liking my blog, you are allowed to take one from each. The one on the left consists of goodie bags filled with chocolate, chocolate covered raisins, and sugar cookies. The one on the right is filled with more chocolate, chocolate covered raisins, and sugar cookies.
These bags are great for the kids (and a great way to keep the house clean). I’m going to be nice (again) and let you take as many as you want!
We made these cute bag labels that have different Eid blessings written on them.
There’s one for you, one for you, and one for you.
Moon and stars shaped sugar cookies with drizzled chocolate and sprinkles. Hurry up and eat them before I do!
I hope you’re not full, because you have to eat something from this basket too. We made moons and stars chocolate, and added the Hijri year 1432. Those are too cute to eat. I hope you enjoyed your Eid sweets!